20's Plenty for Wilmslow

Facts & Briefings

Fact sheets and briefing are available on a wide range of topics connected with 20mph limits on our national site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm

In particular in Wilmslow see the attached Road Traffic Accident data involving cyclists in the period 2008-2011.*

We were priviledged to hear Rod King from the national 20s Plenty campaign speak in June as he provided us with all the arguments for adopting 20mph as the default speed limit in Wilmslow. The turnout included local politicians and concerned residents.

Did you know? The 30mph limit was introduced in 1934 when there were approximately 1,500,000 vehicles on UK roads? There are now close to 40,000,000.

Did you know? Children of primary school age can't reliably see cars as a threat when they're approaching at speeds above 20mph: they don't appear to "loom" towards them at those speeds. Rod challenged us to lower ourselves to their height at the side of the road and see what it feels like anyway.

Did you know? For the cost of turning one street into a 20mph zone with traffic calming, you could turn the whole of Wilmslow into a default 20mph limit town, and it would be less confusing to motorists. The time it takes to get through Wilmslow with a 20mph limit would not be significantly affected (it could even be reduced) as it is defined by the number of stops you encounter, i.e. you'll still get to the back of the queue at a junction or obstruction whether you're travelling at 20 or at 30, and you'd be more relaxed getting to your destination.

Just a few of the points made. Need more convincing? Find out the cost of casualties and check out the 20s plenty website for more facts and figures. Convinced? Sign our petition on www.wilmslow.20splentyforus.org.uk or write to [email protected] and help us make Wilmslow's streets a safer space between houses.

Want to join the Transport Group at Transition Wilmslow? Email [email protected] for more details.

*Source: FOI 3182 Cheshire Police website http://www.cheshire.police.uk/search.aspx?terms=3182

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